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NYX Winter in Moscow Silver Gray Smokey Look Palette

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I'm writing about the Winter in Moscow palette today not because it's the newest palette around (it's not) or because it's a totally new concept (it isn't). No, the reason I'm writing about Winter in Moscow today is that it's one of the best smoky eye palettes I've ever worked with, it includes 14 shadows, 2 blushes and 5 lip glosses, and you get it all for $19.99!

Winter in Moscow

Winter in Moscow is a fabulous palette consisting primarily of 14 beautiful eye shadows in varying shades of gray, taupe, and brown with differing textures and finishes, ranging from matte to high-shine. Many of the colors appear very similar in the pan, and only when swatched on the skin is it possible to see the subtle nuances of shade and texture that separate them. 
Here is the eye palette in the pan.
Here, swatched on skin in natural light.
Here, in indirect light.

As you can see above, lighting greatly affects the shading of these colors. They tend to pull much darker and slightly bluer in less intense lighting settings. In addition, the sheen, shimmer, and frost textures are not as obvious in less intense lighting. See below: 
Bright, direct natural light.
Indirect natural light.

Interestingly, what they do not seem to do is show as particularly silvery. Now, admittedly, I didn't choose the more silvery colors in the palette, but I will warn you now that this is a smokey eye palette, not a silver eye palette...most of the colors in this one are more in the silvery-taupe range than the straight silver range. The matte colors range from gray to brown to black. 

The shadows, in addition to their lovely colors, provide an ease of use and blendability similar to that of higher-end shadows, with good pigmentation and creaseless wearing. The shadows are easy to work with and do not require multiple coats to achieve the desired color intensity. Fallout is minimal. 

Blush in direct light

The blush in the kit is also high-quality and worth looking forward to. The lighter color (left) is a soft, relatively pale, warm peachy-pink matte. The darker color (right) is a deeper, peachier pink with golden highlights. Both have intense pigment (I overdid it with the darker color the first time I applied), both blend fairly well and the colors are very pretty. While I wasn't as impressed with these blushes as I was with the shadows, I do believe they are worth a look. 
Light, dark blush followed by all 5 lip glosses.

As for the lip glosses, well...I wouldn't even bother with them if I were you. I found them to be thick, gloppy, sticky, poorly pigmented, and without long wear. 

Overall, I find this to be an excellent value for the money, with high-quality eye shadows and blushes...although the lip glosses are a bust. Because of the number of choices in the palette, many different smokey eye looks can be achieved, although some of you may find that many of the shades are just too similar for your taste--many of the shade differences are subtle. Remember, though, that this is not marketed as a palette for a million different looks, it is marketed to create a silvery smokey eye. As such, it does a great job at what it's meant to do. 

Grade: B+


Olivia said... .

I saw this at ULTA and was so tempted by it then I talked myself out of it because I have too many dupes. Of course, I still want it!

February 9, 2011 at 5:40 PM

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