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Chanel Base Ombre a Paupieres Professional Eyeshadow Base

At a Chanel event the other day, the makeup artist applied a very interesting eyeshadow base on me. I really needed to buy SOMETHING, and I'm kind of disgusted with myself right now with my overabundant makeup collection (don't worry--this will wear off shortly), plus I needed a new eyeshadow base anyway, so it was an easy sell for her. 

Base Ombre a Paupieres was unlike any of the others I've tried in several ways. It came in a click-up brush pen, for starters. Goodbye, doe foot! See ya, tube! Hasta la vista, horrible pump that dispenses 10 times as much product as I need for both eyes put together! It also had a beautiful, subtly shimmery finish which gave my eyelids a luminous glow. She told me it could even be used as a base for concealer under the eyes, and that it would add that glow to the entire under eye area. I was impressed. Of course, the big question was...how would it stand up throughout the day? 

Chanel Base Ombre a Paupieres Professional Eyeshadow Base

Chanel's Professional Eyeshadow base, as already stated, is an interesting product. For one, it's packaged differently than most eyeshadow bases. Rather than a tube or doe-foot applicator, it's housed in a pen-style case with a brush at the end. Simply twist the bottom and the product comes up through the brush for easy, gentle application. Sorry for the slightly blurred photo below, but you get the idea: 

The texture is fairly thick-appearing, but blends very well and provides light to medium coverage. I would say it gives more coverage than Too Faced Shadow Insurance, but is far from the hot gloppy mess of Benefit's Stay Don't Stray. It dries down to a powdery finish, as well. At first I thought it was applying unevenly until I realized that by simply blending a bit with my ring finger, the powder sinks directly into my skin and leaves a flawless finish---and no, it doesn't appear powdery. At the same time, it leaves a great surface for application. I have found with some bases that they are sooo good at grabbing eyeshadow that it's hard to properly blend the shadow itself. Not so with Base Ombre a Paupieres. It sets a perfect foundation for the coming work. 

As far as color goes, I got Bright, which roughly matches my skin tone. As a matter of fact, I had to apply it VERY heavily to my hand to get an adequate shot of it. 

You can see the luminous quality to some extent in the pictures, although they really don't do it justice. Just believe me when I say that it's subtle but noticeable. I love the fact that this base adds just enough to my brow bone that I don't need to add anything when I am going for a fairly subdued look, but I don't feel naked, either. It gives a candlelit effect. 

As for how it works? I have worn it all day, every day for a week, and it has yet to fail me. I must offer the caveat that it hasn't exactly been in trying circumstances, though...I haven't worn it through a workout or incredible heat and humidity. I did, however, wear it to work for several days in a kitchen where I got facefulls of steam and had to stand over fryers and in front of ovens. (I lead a very glamorous life). 

My verdict? A beautiful option for an eyeshadow base, although I can't guarantee it for extreme conditions or very oily eyelids. If you fall into either of those categories, I highly recommend you test drive it first, just in case. Let me know how it works for you!

Grade: A



very tempted to get it. how is the "beige" hue comparing to "bright"?

October 6, 2011 at 8:21 PM

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