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Concrete Minerals Eyeshadows

I've been a longtime user of mineral cosmetics. I used to use mineral foundation exclusively before switching back to liquid, and have always been a fan of mineral eyeshadows. Despite my love for Chanel and the like, I have found that mineral eyeshadows often offer a greater depth of color than mainstream shadows. There's nothing like admiring the color shifts that can be created using loose micas...they're truly astounding, and make eye makeup a joy! Thanks to a recent Concrete Minerals review by the awesome Joeybunny on Pink Sith, my interest was piqued and I decided I just HAD to try this company. 

Concrete Minerals Eyeshadows

Concrete Minerals is an Etsy shop run by the wonderful Em. The site is well laid-out and the color descriptions are fabulous. Prices can't be beat--shadows run only $5.99 (!!!) and there is a "Weekly Craving" special each week for only $3.99, in addition to several running specials. I went for the 4/$19.99 special and had one helluva time narrowing my choices to only 4 shadows! The colors cover a wide range of options, as well. I've found that many mineral companies, at least the smaller ones, tend to stick almost exclusively to one type of color...either neutrals or shockingly bright shades, but oftentimes not both. With Concrete Minerals, there is a wide array of choices in either category...there's no reason whatsoever why anyone shouldn't be able to find a few shades that suit their fancy. 

Customer service is outstanding. My initial order got lost by the totally inept USPS, and when I emailed Em about it, she got back to me, literally, in 30 seconds. She reshipped my entire order and included 2 deluxe samples to compensate me for the inconvenience! You just can't beat that. Every email I sent her was handled quickly and in a friendly and professional way. I was way impressed with the entire transaction. 

The shades I chose were Smut, Harlequin, Deviant and Lolita, all fairly neutral and complementary shades that should work well alone or together. 

As you can see above, I got 6 shades. 
  • Smut is one of Concrete Minerals' bestselling shades, and it's worth the hype. It's almost impossible to describe, but I'll try. It's a brown-based color with a soft purple undertone and a gorgeous pink shimmer overlay. It morphs in the light from shimmery cool brown to a gorgeous deep muted purple with pink shimmer. Truly unique!
  • Harlequin is a gorgeous army green with an antiqued bronze patina. 
  • Deviant is a deeper and browner version of Smut with a very subtle pink shimmer. 
  • Lolita is a midtone taupe with purple undertones and silvery highlights. 
  • My first sample, Unity, is a vivid purple with just a dash of gold sparkle. 
  • My second sample, Frost, is a pure, sparkling white--perfect for highlighting and the inner corner of the eye.
All of these colors are highly pigmented and very workable. They can be used as a subtle wash of color or built for even more depth and dimension. All four of my choices are suitable as both lid and crease colors.   Frost, as I stated, makes a fantastic highlighter and eye brightener, while Unity is a perfect pop of color for a vivid Spring eye. The colors are highly blendable and easy to apply. 

Packaging was secure and safe in a bubble wrap envelope. All jars were tightly closed, and each color had a plastic overlay tab to further protect the products from spillage. Enclosed was my invoice with a handwritten thank-you from Em, as well as a couple of business cards, one a 3x5 that explains why mineral cosmetics are such a good choice and has pictures with step-by-step application instructions. 

Here's a look I slapped on on the fly to illustrate some colors. Lolita is on the lid and Smut in the crease, with Frost as a very light wash on the brow and in the inner corner of the eye, as well as Urban Decay Rock Star liner: 

Concrete Minerals uses no Parabens, Fragrances, Dyes, Nano-particles, Bismuth Oxychloride or other cheap fillers. 

Overall, I'm extremely impressed with everything about this company, from their Etsy shop to the exceptional customer service to the high-quality shadows. Highly recommend!

Grade: A


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