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Primed and Pumped: Stila Prime Pot Eye Shadow Base

I'm a huge proponent of eye shadow bases. They are truly indispensable if you want to get the most from your shadow. With the proper base, your shadows will apply more smoothly, look more vibrant, blend more readily, and last all day without fading or creasing. On the rare occasion that I forget the priming step and apply my eye makeup without it, the difference is striking. The shadows appear faded, sheer, and wear off within just a few hours. Simply put, if you're going to bother wearing eye shadow, you need to take the extra 15 seconds it takes to apply a primer. 

I've tried several eye shadow primers in the past, among them Benefit's "Stay Don't Stray", Urban Decay's "Primer Potion" and the Too Faced "Shadow Insurance". I've liked aspects of each of these and disliked others. With "Stay Don't Stray", the problem was the truly terrible pump dispenser. With "Primer Potion," the packaging was also terrible, leaving tons of product inside yet impossible to access. And with "TFSI", the primer and packaging were excellent, but I like to get some coverage from my primers and TFSI was virtually invisible. 

Luckily, I read a review of Stila's "Prime Pot" a few weeks ago, and since I was almost out of TFSI, I decided to take the plunge and give it a try. I have to say, people, this is one badass primer!

Prime Pot is just that: a little pot of flesh-toned, slightly peachy primer. I chose the color Taffy, which is marketed as a pale pink, although I find it to be peach. There's a deeper, more beige color called Caramel for those of you with darker skin tones, although if you're really dark, it's still going to be too light. The primer is  very thick and dense, so I don't think it would work in a pump or a tube. It's extremely pigmented, so it covers virtually every problem you might have around the eye area, including redness and veins. The peachy color is wonderful for cancelling out imperfections like redness and veins. It's also marketed as a concealer, although I've only used it as a primer. 

As you can see in the picture above, it pulls very, very peach on me. However, on my lids it's much lighter and more neutral than it is in the picture. It creates a perfect canvas for any color I want to use, from the lightest to the deepest. It grabs the shadow and holds tight all day, preventing creasing and fading. It's also seriously waterproof--not water-resistant, but waterproof. I tried to get it off with water and lots of rubbing, and it didn't budge! I had to use makeup remover to get it off. 

Bottom Line: This is, by far, the best eye shadow primer I've ever tried. Because it was formulated to be a concealer as well as a primer, it covers all the imperfections around my eye area. Due to the light peachy color, it serves as a perfect canvas for any shadows I choose to use. It's very waterproof, and it does wonders for making shadows more vivid. I can get 14 hours of wear out of my shadows (that's as long as I've tested it) without any fading or creasing whatsoever. I think I'm in love!


Zuzu's Petals said... .

Excellent review! In the pictures it looks an awful lot like MAC's Paint Pot in Painterly. Do you have that? I am wondering how they compare. FWIF, I also used Painterly as a concealer, though not under the eyes (too drying). It's perfect in that dark spot between eyes and nose, though, and I imagine the Prime Pot would be, too.

August 22, 2011 at 4:47 PM

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