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More Amazing Body Care: L'Occitane Dry Skin Hand Cream

The other day I stopped by the L'Occitane shop and found a great little set for sale. It includes the limited edition Cocoa Flower Lip Balm with 10% shea butter, the Cocoa Flower Ultra Rich Body Cream wiht 25% shea butter (also limited edition), and the famous Dry Skin Hand Cream with 20% shea butter. I love all three, but today I'm going to limit myself to extolling the virtues of the Dry Skin Hand Cream, one of the best I've tried. 

L'Occitane en Provence was started in 1976 by Olivier Baussan. Baussan developed products that are natural and effective, utilizing phytotherapy, or "healing through plants." Treatments use patented complexes that are tested with strict medical supervision. L'Occitane is also socially responsible, minimizing its impact on the planet through the use of sustainable and locally-grown ingredients. 

I've read a lot about L'Occitane products, but aside from a ginormous bar of soap my best friend gave me last Christmas, I hadn't found the time to try anything. This kit is a great introduction to some of the best products in the line. I can't choose which is my favorite because I'm loving them all, but for today it's going to be the Dry Skin Hand Cream. 

I love the pretty packaging of this hand cream. I know that has absolutely nothing to do with how the cream inside performs, but it makes me happy. It's shiny, sleek, and elegant. Score one!

More importantly, I love what's inside that shiny tube. L'Occitane's Dry Skin Hand Cream is remarkably thick and rich, yet it melts into the skin with ease, leaving soft, smooth skin with no greasy residue. The effects last for hours, even after hand washing. The fragrance is extremely subtle, but carries floral notes with a hint of earthiness from the high shea butter content. 

Here's a shot of just how thick and rich this cream is: 

It looks like an ointment, yet it literally melts on application, moisturizing my hands perfectly, smoothing out the appearance of crepiness and plumping my skin remarkably well. It's truly decadent. 

Bottom Line: L'Occitane is known for their high-quality body care products, and the Dry Skin Hand Cream is definitely among them. It's texture is rich and thick, the cream is soothing and incredibly moisturizing, and the fragrance is a clean, slightly earthy floral. You truly can't go wrong with this one. 


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