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MAC Lipglass Review: Pop Mode

Now that cold weather has returned (although it's about 70 degrees and cloudy out there today for some reason), I've abandoned my summer glosses and headed back to the darker side of lipstick. To me, Fall and Winter are pretty much exclusively the domains of opaque lip color, and nobody will ever convince me otherwise. That being said, there are times when it just isn't worth it to deal with all-out lipstick...like when you run out to the store with nothing but mascara on your eyes and no time to deal with a lip brush. So even in the darker months, I do occasionally dip into my gloss collection, with one requirement: the color must be deep, and the coverage must be heavier than your average gloss. 

MAC's Lipglass in Pop Mode fulfills both of my requirements. A deep mulberry with golden shimmer, it's got enough color to add a "pop" to my lips and enough shimmer to give me a festive feeling. The coverage is nearly opaque, so I get the best of both worlds: full coverage and ease of application. I can apply it on the fly and still end up with a nicely finished look. 

The gloss has a doe-foot applicator, which is much better than a slanted tip for accurate application. It applies a decent amount of product, and I use one swipe for my top lip and one for my bottom. 

As you can see, the color is a deep mulberry with plenty of gold shimmer, making for a gorgeous, almost-frosty look. I love the finish this Lipglass leaves me with. It's perfect for day or night. 

Finally, here's a shot of my lips with Pop Mode. As you can see, the finished effect is nearly that of a full-blown lipstick. 

Bottom Line: This is a great winter gloss for those days when you don't want to commit to a full-blown lip. It gives good coverage and awesome sparkle. Lasting time is typical for a gloss, and of course depends on whether you're eating, drinking, or talking very much. This one is slightly sticky, but not distractingly so. Definitely recommend! 


Victoria said... .

This looks like the perfect winter gloss and the shimmer makes it feel very festive!

November 29, 2011 at 3:26 PM
Harshleen@BeautyTidbits said... .

Such a gorgeous shade this is! Thanks for your review.....I am definitely going to check this one out!

November 29, 2011 at 5:49 PM
Shannon (Lipstick Musings) said... .

Ladies, I love this one! I actually have to go get another one because one of my friends stole mine from me! :)

November 29, 2011 at 7:47 PM

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