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Tarina Tarantino Review: Eye Dream Highlight Duo, Iris Plume+Moon Opal

I had avoided Tarina Tarantino makeup for a long while because I felt it was, well, gimmicky. The pink hair and aggressively funky marketing campaign at the launch of the line made me feel as if they were trying too hard. Therefore, I figured, there must be something wrong with the product. That's the way my mind works. 

That is, until I stopped into Sephora a couple of weeks ago and really stopped to look at the line. The colors are well-edited and gorgeous, the textures are amazing, and the packaging is streamlined and sleek. I fell in love with a duo that caught my eye, one of the new Eye Dream Highlight Duos in the shades Iris Plume and Moon Opal. 

Iris Plume and Moon Opal are a lovely combination. The description at Sephora claims that they are light plum and frosted lilac, but that doesn't do them justice (nor do the highly inaccurate swatches, which you can view here). 

In indirect light, the colors are cooler and Moon Opal does appear to be a frosted lilac. 

More accurate color representation taken in direct sunlight. 

In reality, Iris Plume is a gorgeous, light to mid-tone plum; that much is true. However, it's infused with the most incredible shimmer, softly lighting it up with no trace of glitter. Moon Opal, to me, is not a frosted lilac for a couple of reasons; first, to me it's not a lilac at all, but rather a pale, pale pink, and a slightly warm one at that. It's as if they took Iris Plume and lightened it, shade by shade, until they arrived at a lovely pale blush shade. It's just a tad warmer than the Iris Plume and is perfect for highlighting brows and the inner eye. These two colors were simply made to be worn together. 

The Eye Dream Highlighter Duos are marketed as just that--highlighters. On the Sephora site, it's even recommended that they work amazingly well with other shadows. I agree with that. I've worn both shades with various combinations of colors and textures and have loved every one of them. However, my favorite is to wear them together, with Moon Opal across the lid and Iris Plume in the crease. Although the finish of these shadows is described as "metallic", I find them to be very versatile, ranging from the slightest hint of shimmer when applied sparingly all the way through to full-on metallic when applied with a heavier hand. 

Here are some shots of me wearing the duo together: 

These shadows are infused with diamond and platinum dust, which are claims I normally take with a grain of salt. However, in this case there may be something to the hype. The sheen of these shadows is unrivaled, possibly the smoothest I've ever seen. There is no "frostiness" to these shades when they are applied to the skin. Instead, they are incredibly finely-milled and silky with a texture that makes blending a dream. The final result is a finish that is unlike any other shadow I've tried, and I love it!

There is virtually no fallout with these highlighters and they are easily buildable. They're perfect used alone to highlight one area of the eye at a time or used together. A sheer wash gives just a hint of satiny sheen, while heavier application amps it up to full-on metallic. The colors are completely in sync, complementing one another perfectly. Wear time is excellent; I wore them for 12 full hours with no creasing, smudging or fading (with primer, of course). The texture is outstanding, as these are so finely milled that they literally feel like silk. 

Bottom Line: You need one of these. However, as you saw with the Sephora link I posted above, the online swatches are quite misleading, so stop in at Sephora in person to test them yourself. You'll fall in love, too. 


Tina B said... .

This line is one that I always browse online and think, maybe I'll check it out one day. I like the look of these two shadows on you! Very wearable and I do love my shimmers :)

March 10, 2012 at 3:20 PM

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