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Lovely Lipstick Review: Lancome Rouge In Love Lipstick #391, Fiery Attitude

Well, it's been all of a week since I did a lipstick review, so let's just dive right in and get started!

Lancome's new Rouge In Love lipstick line is touted as being quite the bomb. According to Lancome, it lasts 6 hours, is featherlight, and is intensely pigmented. There's a wide range of shades, categorized into 3 "moods": 

  • Jolie Matins: Fresh shades for daytime wear, identified in the shade with the letter "M". 
  • Boudoir Time: Pop shades for cocktail hour, identified with the letter "B". 
  • Tonight is My Night: Intense shades for a magical night, identified with the letter "N". 
I, of course, would choose none other than one of the "Tonight Is My Night" shades, of course. I mean, seriously, if given a choice, why on earth would you choose anything other than a "magical" color? 

Fiery Attitude is a gorgeous deep blue-based plum with a creamy finish. I adore the color, but question the name. To me, "fiery" implies red, and this color, while deep and vibrant, is not red. It's definitely more of a blue-based cranberry-type color. It has a lot of depth to it, and despite the fact that there are many similar colors on the market, Fiery Attitude stands out, in my opinion. It's deep but not goth, and the color is a berry-plum that's really somewhat difficult to describe. Take a look and see what you think: 

There are definitely blue-purple undertones there, yet the tiniest hint of, perhaps, fuchsia comes through to keep it from being too dark against my fair skin. It's an elegant color, perfect to wear with your favorite LBD. The feel is creamy and moist yet lightweight, and the finish is slightly glossy. I found that it does last up to 6 hours if I don't eat, but food takes it off fairly easily. For me, this isn't a problem. I kind of assume most lipsticks will fall apart when faced with the oils in food...and the ones that don't tend to be very dry. As it wears off, it leaves behind a pretty stain rather than a ring around the lips. 

I enjoy wearing this shade not only on "magical" nights, but also during the day when it fits my mood. Fiery Attitude can be blotted down to a soft stain or left intact for full impact. I don't know that I'll be getting much use out of it this Summer (I usually go with lighter and brighter colors during the warmer months), but come Fall, I'm certain it will be in my regular rotation. 

Bottom Line: The Rouge In Love lipsticks are lovely, and Fiery Attitude won't be my last. Between the lightweight feel, moisturizing texture, ability to hold to the lips without feathering, and long wear time, I plan to add to my stash soon. 


Anonymous said... .

I bought Fiery Attitude. I absolutely love this color. It is so unique. The shade is dark but it brightens up my face. I will be wearing this lipstick at night on special occasions. I agree that this is a beautiful fall and winter shade.

July 11, 2012 at 2:21 AM

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