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Personalized Skin Care: Audra James Bespoke Facial Elixir

As those of you who read this blog regularly know, I'm a huge fan of facial oils. I have very dry skin, but I don't care much for the heavy creams typically marketed for women like me. I find that oils sink in more quickly, are lightweight, and are generally more effective for dry or dehydrated skin like mine. I've tried many over the years, and have loved most of them. However, when I read about the Audra James on the blog Beauty Huile, my interest was piqued. A facial oil tailored to my specific needs, just for me? Intriguing!

Audra James is a qualified aromatherapist, facialist, and natural skin care expert. She has more than 15 years of experience working in both Europe and Australia, where she is currently based in Brisbane. She offers Bespoke services for facial oils, body oils and sprays, perfume, and essential oil blends. With the Bespoke line, her approach is thorough, professional, and friendly, and her goal is to create a product specifically for your individual needs and concerns. In addition to the Bespoke products, Audra offers a standard line of pre-made skin care that offers face and body oils, aromatherapy items, body sprays, cleansing systems, and the like. 

The first step in creating my Bespoke products (I ordered a Facial Oil, Body Oil, and Perfume) was to contact Audra via email. She responded almost immediately with an explanation of the process of creating the Bespoke products and sent me questionnaires to fill out for each one. She asked questions about my skin concerns, lifestyle, and other factors that might be impacting my skin. Once she received my completed questionnaires, she contacted me to further elaborate on the process and to give me the estimated timeline for how long it would take to create my products. 

Throughout the process, I received regular updates from Audra to let me know if things were still running on schedule or to ask additional questions of me so she could tailor my Bespoke items more precisely to my needs and preferences. I'm incredibly impatient, yet Audra kept me so well-informed during the process that I never felt as if I had waited too long for anything. 

My Bespoke Facial Oil is truly a masterpiece. Taking into account my dry, aging skin and constant state of stress, she included carrier oils such as organic apricot oil, carrot seed infused oil, calendula infused oil, organic rosehip oil and others to condition and moisturize my skin, along with essential oils including Frankincense, Geranium Bourbon, and Bulgarian Rose, amongst others. The result was a delightfully rich yet quick-penetrating elixir that nourishes my skin and calms my senses. I apply this oil, and the world is suddenly a much better place. 

I was also sent a Fact Sheet that included not only the ingredients of the oil, but also various ways in which I could use it. It was recommended that I could use it alone as an overnight treatment or a natural face serum, I could add it to moisturizer to give any cream a boost, or I could use it as a carrier oil for facial massage. There were even step-by-step directions on how to do a proper facial massage. 

My Bespoke Facial Oil got me through the last few months of Winter and into early Spring, using it as a facial serum or overnight treatment depending on my level of dryness. As the weather has warmed, I've cut back to using it 2-3 times a week as an overnight treatment. Every night I use it, I wake to plump, soft, silky, refreshed skin and a more youthful appearance. The natural fragrance of the essential oil blend relaxes and calms me at the end of a long, stressful day. It's a lovely experience. 

Bottom Line: The Audra James Bespoke Facial Oil is a remarkable skin care product that works wonders for my overstressed, dry skin. Working with Audra was an absolute pleasure...so much so that I intend to work with her again in the near future for another facial oil for the warmer months, when my skin is more combination. I'm looking forward to seeing what she comes up with for me next time!

Audra James products can be found online at the Audra James website. 


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