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I've Finally Found a Bronzer I Can Love! Bobbi Brown Bronzer/Blush Duo in Pink Peony and Bahama Brown

I'm normally not a fan of bronzers for several reasons: 1) They always pull orange or muddy on me, 2) They do not make me look magically tan, and 3) Even the few that have made me look magically tan make me look ridiculous, because I have a crazy-pale body. Having a bronzey glow floating above a pasty chest and shoulders isn't my idea of pretty. And before you call me on my raving reviews of Chanel's Sable Rose and Bronze Corail, keep in mind that on me they don't read as bronze, per se, but rather as glowing blushes that liven up my pale complexion. 

So in the past, I've stuck with blush and been quite happy to do so. Since the blogging world tends to go apeshit every year when the new cadre of bronzers are released, I've learned to just focus on eye, lip, foundation, primer and skin care products during the warmer months and have more or less avoided cheek products altogether. But a few weeks ago I was wandering through Macy's and came upon the Desert Twilight Collection, Bobbi Brown's Fall offerings of color. It's a lovely collection, and I would have bought more of it except that it's very neutral and my thing these days seems to be more centered around color. 

However, what I couldn't resist was the gorgeous, spectacular, scrumdilyicious Bronzer/Blush Duo in Pink Peony and Bahama Brown. Behold: 

This is an interesting product. First of all, despite what conventional reasoning would assume, the Pink Peony is the Illuminating Bronzer part of the duo, while Bahama Brown is the Shimmer Blush. That rocked my world a little bit, but I got over it when I realized Bobbi wouldn't actually be standing in my bathroom policing how I applied the products, so I could actually take this compact home and have my way with it. 

The directions on the website instruct users to apply Pink Peony across the entire face for a sheer glow, then to use Bahama Brown on the apples of the cheeks. As expected, I found that wasn't the best method for me. Instead, I apply the Bahama Brown starting at the temples, making the shape of a "3" along the side of my face, contouring under my cheekbones and then finishing along my jawbone. I then apply Pink Peony lightly above my cheekbones and on the apples of my cheeks. The result is a warm, glowing, contoured effect that's truly beautiful. What I love most about this pairing is the very toned-down, extremely neutral (almost cool) tone of the Bahama Brown, which remains very subtle on my skin and never oxidizes orange or turns muddy on my skin, even on the hottest day. 

This duo is housed in a round, black Bobbi Brown compact that boasts a large mirror. I do not recall a brush being included (and can't find any stray blushes or applicators floating around my bathroom), so you will need your own brush. This isn't a problem for me, since this duo lasts all day with no fading, pooling, or blotchiness--hence, I won't need to carry it with me when I leave the house and won't have to deal with carrying a separate brush in my bag. I will say that I always follow application with a good HD powder to tone down the shimmer and set the color. 

Bottom Line: This is an outstanding combination for fair skin like mine, but has plenty of color for those of you who actually produce melanin as well. The two colors play perfectly off of each other and can be used together or alone for a variety of looks. The staying power and finish are excellent, and apply easily and quickly without the need for excessive blending. I'm considering going back for a backup before they run out. 


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