“Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.” -Gwyneth Paltrow

Skin Care Review: LUSH Skin's Shangri La Facial Moisturizer

This summer, I've suffered more from oily skin than usual. I'm typically very dry, so this has sort of surprised me. Being 42, I'm thinking maybe I'm hitting the menopausal years (which I'm totally unprepared to handle), but regardless of the reason for the changes, I have to deal with them. That being said, I still love the feel of a rich cream on my face at night. So what's a girl to do? 

I found a great solution in LUSH's Skin's Shangri La Facial Moisturizer. It's a rich cream that sinks readily into my skin and helps balance my oil production while still giving me plenty of moisture...no small feat, in my experience!

Although I find it to be very balancing (and it was sold to me on that premise), Skin's Shangri La is marketed as being for more mature skins. It's rich without being heavy, and it includes beneficial ingredients such as aloe vera extract, wheatgrass infusion and jojoba oil. The big selling point to this cream, as with a few other LUSH products, is their famed "Queen of Hungary Water", a vodka-based tonic with rosemary that purportedly smooths fine lines and tightens the skin. According to the folks at LUSH, there are at least 27 shots of vodka in each batch of this cream! I didn't notice any dramatic changes to my fine lines, but they were softened, as was the skin on my entire face. Best yet, there was no greasy residue on my forehead in the morning when I used this cream. Perhaps the vodka helped soak up some oil for me.

If you aren't familiar with the whole LUSH schtick, they make their products by hand in small batches, sending them out to their retail stores immediately due to the fact that they all have expiration dates. There's a picture on the back of each jar of the person who created your batch, along with the expiration date. Here's a shot of the lovely Nic, who whipped up my batch:

Bottom Line: I've found Skin's Shangri-La to be the perfect warm-weather solution for my finicky skin. It feels rich on application but doesn't exacerbate the oilier areas of my face and leaves little to no residue behind. I've not experienced any breakouts with this one, either. I'm going to continue with it until the weather cools at the very least, and if it can get me through the colder months, I may have found a Holy Grail skin cream. 

Lancome Review: "You've Got The Look" Color Design Eye Shadow Single

I'm still in the shimmery eye shadow phase from summer, so when I found the new Color Design Eye Shadow Single "You've Got The Look" from Lancome, I was smitten. It's got color, it's got depth, and it still plays nicely with others. 

"You've Got The Look" is, at its heart, a pretty plummy shadow that works well for the lid or crease. What makes this such a fun color is the golden overtone to the shade, which gives it a great shimmer without being glittery and adds depth to an otherwise ubiquitous eye color. 

You can see above just how shimmery this shade is, as well as just how much gold is overlaid with the plum base. It takes an otherwise ordinary color to an entirely new level and gives it far more versatility than a typical neutral would. 

In some lights (and when used in the depth of the crease), the neutral plum is very apparent and is excellent for shading. However, when used on the higher planes of the eye, the gold surges forth and adds amazing highlighting: 

Worn in the crease, "You've Got The Look" adds depth and dimension to the eye. Worn across the lid, it literally shades itself, appearing nearly holographic as the light plays across the higher and lower planes of the lid. There's no overt glitter shining through, either, and this color applies with little to no fallout. 

Bottom Line: On first glimpse, "You've Got The Look" is a very typical neutral plum, but once applied it becomes far more. It can carry you from day to night with ease and can be used alone or with other colors for a variety of effects. Definitely one to keep in your arsenal of shadows. 

BB Cream Review: Missha Cho Bo Yang Cream SPF 30/PA++

I haven't done a foundation review in quite some time, and there's a reason for that: I haven't been wearing too much foundation lately. When I do, it's been the sheer Armani Face Fabric, which I just realized I somehow never reviewed. But the other day I misplaced my Armani and went rooting around in my foundation drawer, and what did I find but my Missha Cho Bo Yang BB Cream. I'd forgotten all about it! Seriously forgotten. That should tell you how out-of-control my makeup situation is.

But today I'm here to right a wrong and give this little BB Cream its due...because I owe it a lot.

I bought the Cho Bo Yang cream when it was packaged as a special purchase along with the M Signature Real Complete BB Cream SPF 25 PA++. It was a good value and I couldn't decide between the two formulas, so I took a chance and got them both. I've been happy with both formulas, but the Cho Bo Yang has a few advantages over its sister cream, among them better coverage and more skin-serving ingredients.

Cho Bo Yang BB Cream is marketed as an "herbal prescription BB Cream" that is tri-functional through the use of Chinese herbal ingredients including Korean Wild Ginseng, Cordyceps Sinesis, and pure gold. These ingredients purportedly work in synergy to promote wrinkle repairing and whitening, while the SPF 30 PA++ gives sun protection. It was developed to keep skin radiant while offering no irritation during wear, and claims to be long-wearing.

The formula is fairly thick for a BB Cream, as you can see below:

Compare that to the consistency of the M Signature Complete Cream, which is much more liquid and has a slightly more yellow tone:

Due to the fairly thick consistency, Cho Bo Yang is capable of offering strong medium coverage that can easily be buffed out to a sheerer finish. It's perfect for those "not-quite-perfect-skin" days. At first, I found it a little difficult to work with because it can drag a bit on the skin. However, with a little work, I realized that if I warm it between my fingertips before applying, it glides on like silk. The finish is dewy at first, then dries down to a what I would call "luminous", so if you prefer a more matte finish you'll need to follow with powder. As far as BB Creams go, it is fairly long-lasting and has carried me through a day in the kitchen without a problem, but it won't take you into the evening. It's also not very sweat-proof, so if you're going to be in the heat or working out, I'd suggest you try something else.

The color 01 is a greyish pink typical of many Korean BB Creams. It goes on a little ghostly, but as it warms and melds with my skin it becomes much more natural...unless I apply it very heavily, it's capable of giving me a "no-makeup makeup" effect quickly and easily.

The above shot is swatched fairly heavily and not blended at all, but it gives you a good idea of the potential coverage, as it blocks out my veins very well. I find I can build this cream over problem areas such as ruddy cheeks without it becoming mask-like on my skin. You can tell from this shot that the color match is nearly perfect, and once it sets, it's an excellent shade for my pale, neutral skin.

I love that it has SPF in it, but don't like that the bottle came with only Korean writing on it so I'm not entirely sure what the full ingredient list includes. I'm assuming the sun protection consists of physical blocks simply because I'm sensitive to chemical sunscreens and I find this cream to be soothing and non-irritating, but I can't be sure. Those of you who have a lot of sensitivities or want a complete ingredients list will need to contact Missha, as I don't read Korean. I do detect a light floral/herbal fragrance to it, so beware if you are sensitive--although I'm typically pretty sensitive to fragrances and have had no problems.

Bottom Line: This is my favorite of the BB Creams I've tried, thanks to its good coverage and nice finish. It takes a bit of work to get it on, but it's worth the trouble in my opinion. I haven't had problems with the slight fragrance, and although I haven't experienced any life-altering improvements in my skin while using Cho Bo Yang, I also haven't experienced breakouts or irritation. For my dry/combination skin, it lasts well for about 6-8 hours, but will need some serious touch-up work after that since once it decides to fall apart, it does so quickly and completely. That being said, I have yet to find a truly long-lasting BB Cream, so I can't hold that against it. If you have fairly normal skin and want to try a BB Cream with more than average coverage, this just may be your answer.

Cho Bo Yang BB Cream can be found at the Missha US site and elsewhere on the web.

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Skin Care Review: Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Image Courtesy of  Kiehl's.

As you all probably know by now, I'm a big fan of Kiehl's skin care. I've strayed, my eye has been drawn to more decadent products, but I always seem to return to Kiehl's. The products are reasonably priced and incredibly effective. They're also fairly luxurious and feel wonderful on the skin. 

Midnight Recovery Concentrate is no exception. It's a lightweight oil that regenerates, replenishes and repairs skin, leaving it smooth and soft in the morning. When I use it layered over the Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate at night, I'm left glowing in the morning. The combination is incredibly effective at rejuvenating my skin, especially when its gotten dry and dull. What's more, this magical oil is perfect for combination and even oilier skin types due to its lightweight texture. 

Midnight Recovery Concentrate is a blend of nourishing oils such as squaline to replenish skin, Evening Primrose to repair and boost overall radiance, and eight essential oils including Lavender oil to soothe skin and stimulate its natural repair process. Together, the combination offers a knockout punch to ageing skin. It's also 99.8% natural and contains no parabens. 

Bottom Line: I love this product. I don't use it every night because I have so many other products to try, but when I do I reap amazing benefits the next morning. My skin is soft, smooth, radiant and fresh-looking. If you've never tried a skin oil, this is the place to start, and if you're an afficianado of oils like me, you need to add this to your arsenal.

Lovely Lipstick Review: NARS Funny Face Matte Lipstick

Hello, ladies and gentlemen! I know I've been gone a while, and I'm so sorry I didn't update the blog to at least tell you what was going on. I've had some setbacks with my neck that caused me to have to lay off the computer (torture), plus school started back, making my life one big, busy blur. It's hard to write intelligently at 8:00 at night when you've been up since 4:30 and at work since 6:00!

But I think I'm back now, and I'm raring to go! To celebrate, I thought I'd bring you a happy little lipstick review on one of my new favorites...NARS Matte Lipstick in Funny Face. 

Oh, there are so many reasons to love this lipstick. The Audrey Hepburn reference, the vivid fuchsia color, the creamy matte texture...seriously, what's not to love? I haven't found a single thing not to like about this one. 

Funny Face is, at its heart, a brilliant hot pink lipstick that really pops on the lips. It's bright and happy, and fuchsia is one of the hot colors for the season, which is a plus. As you all know, I'm usually a "red" girl, but sometimes I'm just not in the mood for the drama. Well, actually, I'm always in the mood for drama, but I'm not always in the mood to commit to the upkeep involved with my beloved dramatic reds. That's when the pinks and berries come into play. They still give me plenty of color, but in a slightly less in-your-face manner. Pinks and berries also tend to require less re-application, as in my experience they fade down more evenly and typically leave a lovely pink stain behind. Overall---WINNING! (OMG, I can't believe I just went there). 

Here's a shot of Funny Face on my arm in indirect sunlight: 

As you can see, it's a gorgeous mid-range fuchsia that pulls just slightly cool, but still remains primarily neutral on my neutral/cool skin. This shot also shows the matte finish, which is truly lovely. It works incredibly well with the bright color because it tones things down just a bit. I think that if Funny Face had a satiny or glossy finish, it would be waaaay over the top. However, with the matte finish reigning things in a bit, the lipstick instead manages to stay on the right side of the line between bright and garish. 

But even better than the arm swatch is the appearance on the lips. It's not visible on my arm, and it's barely visible on the actual bullet of lipstick, but Funny Face has an iridescent glow to it that's quite unexpected. 

As you can see above, this iridescence gives the effect of creaminess without adding any glossiness. It adds fullness to my lips without the stickiness of a creamy or glossy lip product. It also allows for the staying power of a true matte, which means that I only have to reapply after meals, not every few hours. 

The texture of Funny Face is excellent. It feels creamy on application, then dries down a bit within the first 10 minutes or so. Being a matte, it of course isn't moisturizing, but it's not drying either. I wore it for 4 days in a row and didn't end up with dry or chapped lips. If you do tend toward dry lips (I do), you might also consider applying a light layer of lip balm underneath, which gives the lipstick a very creamy texture while retaining the matte finish. Lasting power on me was exceptional. I found that I did have to reapply after meals, but on the day when I missed lunch, this lasted 8 hours! Plus, when it does fade down, it leaves behind a gorgeous, bright pink stain that doesn't leave an unsightly ring around the mouth. 

Bottom Line: This is a definite winner in the matte lipstick department. I love that it's so bright and happy because it puts me in a good mood. The color is dramatic, but the matte finish tones it down just enough to make it suitable for day wear. The iridescence is brightening and plumping and adds an unexpected twist. I've been wearing this nearly every day since I got it. 

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Tutorial: The Easiest Way Ever to Remove Glitter Nail Polish!

I'm a fan of glitter polishes. This should come as no surprise to those of you who have been with me all summer, given my love for lacquers like Deborah Lippmann's Razzle Dazzle and Ruby Red Slippers. When it comes down to it, I love everything that sparkles. But what I don't like is how difficult those glitter polishes are to remove. Some of them are nearly impossible to get off my nails, and as I have no patience at all, I had to find a good way to remove that glitter. 

Enter the "foil method" of removal. In this method, you soak cotton pads in nail polish remover, wrap the cotton around your fingertips, then wrap foil around the cotton to hold it to the tips of your fingers, and wait 3-5 minutes for the remover to do its job. It's an effective method, but I had some issues with it--namely, I can never wrestle the foil onto my fingertips tightly enough to hold the soaked cotton on my fingertips. If I moved a muscle, the entire thing would fall off uselessly. 

So I came up with my own soaking method and it's worked wonders. I'm going to walk you through it: 

First. you're going to need cotton pads, nail polish remover, and latex gloves (you can get a box of 100 for about $7.99 at Sally Beauty Supply). Once you've gathered your supplies, it's time to get to work. 

Okay, here are my gnarly. abused, way-past-their-expiration-date nails. I'm wearing Lippmann's Bad Romance, which is incredibly stubborn. 

First off, soak your cotton pads and wrap one around each fingertip. It gets a little tricky when you do your entire hand, but if you just hold the pads in place for a few seconds as you move onto the next step, you'll be fine. Just remember to do only one hand at a time. Once you've gotten that glove on, you'll have no trouble doing the other hand. 

Next, pull on the latex glove. This is great because the glove holds pressure on the fingertips, allowing the polish remover to really sink in, and because it's secure--no foils to fall off with no warning! As a matter of fact, I don't even sit still and wait on this. Instead, I go about my business for a few minutes. 

After enough time has elapsed you can pull the gloves (and your polish) right off! It's like a Christmas miracle, I tell you! The glitter slides right off the nails. 

So, there's my take on foil removal of glitter polishes. Give it a try--I think you'll like it!

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